Town Tourist! Burgaw, NC

My goal this year is to travel more.  Traveling is a passion of mine. I love to experience new places and new people. Getting in with the locals is always my goal.  Finding local hole in the wall restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques feel like a treasure hunt to me! I have some big trips planned for this year, but in between to help satiate my travel thirst I have made it a priority to go on some day trips and long weekends. This time I went right up the road to a town I am very familiar with, but have never spent a lot of time exploring. So I grabbed my tribe and we went on an adventure!

Burgaw is small town in Pender County. It is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone. People still wave and talk to each other when passing on the sidewalk. The kind of town where people say the sidewalks roll up at 6pm. It’s quaint and precious.

Burgaw is the home to the historical Burgaw Train Depot. The oldest train depot in North Carolina.



Burgaw is home to plenty of local festivals. People come from all over North Carolina for the Blueberry Festival in June and Spring Fest in May. All hosted at the town square by the Historical Burgaw Courthouse.

Upon our exploration we found the cutest coffee shop and boutiques on                      West Freemont Street.


Our First stop was Brown Dog Coffee. They offer a variety of coffee beverages and smoothies. They even have Kombucha! The atmosphere is a reader’s dream! There are plenty of spaces to sit and sip your beverage. You can read one of the books from their library or just take in the sights, sounds and smells. The baristas we encountered were super friendly and willing to answer all of our questions about Burgaw and Brown Dog Coffee. If you are ever in Burgaw, Brown Dog Coffee must be on the top of you list of places to visit!


The next stop on our a Burgaw tour was The Old Farm Shed. The epitome of southern charm. This boutique sells all things country chic. From t-shirts proudly showing their love of their small town to accessories perfect for any southern activity.  The decor is so beautiful I think Joanna Gaines would shop there! This boutique is full of wonderful treasures. We could have spent almost an hour looking around and didn’t even cover the whole boutique.


Burgaw has so much to offer. I am not even beginning to scratch the surface of everything is has to offer. Its picturesque and every small towns girls paradise.

Until the next adventure!



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