Lipstick, Mascara and Rock ‘N Roll

Sometimes fashion calls for a risk. Sometimes that risk is way too risky and you end up looking like someone from the future. Other times, you rock it out and nail it. This is one of those times. Recently, I checked something major off my bucket list. I got to see Journey and Def Leppard in concert. Besides Journey being my second all time favorite band, I was so thrilled cause I got to wear something completely out of my norm.

Wearing my favorite pair of Torrid boyfriend jeans, I added this super cute grey floral tee from Just My Size. I bought it here on Amazon

I purchased this super cute plaid button up from Torrid a few months ago. Plaid is not my normal at all, but I felt I was able to release my inner rocker for just a little while. I finished off the outfit with a black velvet choker and Guess lace up sneakers.

I loved everything about this look. I loved the vampy lips and the smudged eyeliner. That night was perfect. This outfit was perfect.




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Hi! I'm a late-twenty something girl on this huge journey called life. I'm learning to live a confident life and be comfortable in my own skin. Hopeful romantic at heart. Jane Austen raised my standards a long time ago. Pink Peonies make me smile, I love a good song to sing and dance to..Everyday is a good day, to have a good day is my life's motto. My goal is to leave everyone and everywhere better than I found it.

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