Oral hygiene is very important, as I am sure you already know. Good oral hygiene  goes beyond just the surface cosmetic reasons. Good oral hygiene can affect your over all health. I am not a science major by any means, but I worry about my dental health on the regular.

Recently I was contacted by Violife and asked if I was interested in trying their product. In 2004, Violife was launched initially as a family run business and have chosen to maintain a close knit community within their rapidly growing company. Violife graciously sent me the Slim Sonic Classic Gift Set to try and review. The slim sonic toothbrush is a compact battery operated toothbrush. This lightweight            tooth brush is perfect for your travel bag, gym bag, purse or every day use.


I loved the functionality of the toothbrush. It is perfect for the on the go person.         The subtle, yet powerful vibrations help to get a deep clean without making your mouth go numb (am I the only one who has this issue with power toothbrushes?)             The sleek design is fun and convenient. The stylish caps prevent germs from reaching the bristles of the toothbrush, but the vented cap enables the toothbrush to dry out and prevents the toothbrush from growing bacteria.


I thoroughly loved and continue to love using my Violife Sonic Slim Toothbrush.              I highly recommend it to anyone who is concerned with good oral hygiene and enjoy super fun design!! To learn more about their amazing products visit  Violife HERE!



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored, but the opinions are my own.

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